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Dominique Jackson is a travel journalist and producer. After paying off 30K in student loan debt. She founded Girl Around the Globe as a digital nomad. Dominique has collaborated with travel brands such as Casa Maat in Los Cabos, Japan’s National Tourism Organization, Visit Tenerife, and more! Dominique’s mission is to spark spontaneity, create meaningful connections with people and places, and champion generosity —  all while inspiring lives one adventure at a time. Connect with Dominique today to let your dreams take flight!


Dominique is a journalist specializing in producing, editing and social media. Through her passion for travel and media, Dominique founded “Girl Around the Globe,” a group trip company for women looking for adventure and deep connections. She has spoken on panels about journalism, travel, and finances for Forbes, The Columbus Urban League, and Columbia College Chicago. Dominique has been featured in campaigns for Visit Aruba and United Airlines.


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Brand Campaigns

Looking to supercharge your campaign with a dash of charisma? Dominique’s infectious energy sets her apart from other talent as she connects deeply with audiences and elevates your brand. You can view sample talent video here. 

Sponsored Social Media Content

Social media has so much power when brands align with the right creator. Dominique audience is made up of diverse women travelers. Dominique is available to create photo and short-form vertical video campaigns to ensure relatability and awareness of your brand.

Press Trips

As a passionate travel writer and creator, Dominique transports readers to awe-inspiring destinations, all while ensuring the destination remains in the spotlight. Dominique has been published in Travel + Leisure, Travel Noire, The Daily Beast, plus more.


Have you ever dreamt of globe-trotting for free, partnering with luxury hotels or moving abroad? Dive into the world of travel media and the digital nomad lifestyle with a 1-1 session with Dominique. Let’s turn your wanderlust into reality!

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