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Don’t Stop Believing Now

My only plan when I landed in Mexico was to have no plan. I had finished up a work trip, and upon landing the only thing I wanted and needed to do was sleep and eat. I booked accommodations for the month and trusted God with the rest. Trust is a verb. After the congratulatory social media posts calmed down and the phone stopped ringing, and the texts were less frequent, fear started to arise in my stillness. Girl, you literally sold it all. Your couch, your bed, more than half of your clothes, and all your belongings. I feel so light. Pretty much the only thing I left back at my home in Ohio was a box full of books and journals. I had dreamed about traveling full-time for years — but every attempt failed. Or more so was delayed.


I did all the “work,” but missed the main action: Trusting & Believing. All of those are great ways to move abroad, but they weren't my path.

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The view from outside my house!

Looking back I see that I was trying to go down other people’s paths, and had to learn how to surrender to the path that God has designed for me. For example, I saw other people teaching English as a way to move abroad…so I got a teaching certificate. I saw other people nannying to live abroad full time, so I sent out applications to be an Au Pair. I read every blog on how to convince your employer to let you work remotely, so I set up meetings with my bosses and tried to get my schedule changed.

I did all the “work,” but missed the main action: Trusting & Believing. All of those are great ways to move abroad, but they weren’t my path.



Simply put, God used my talents to bring about his perfect plan for this season.  I didn’t have to “convince” anybody, and I didn’t have to get a certificate outside of my direct interest and skill set. Also, I’m pretty sure God was laughing at me applying to be a nanny cause I don’t even like other folks’ kids. 

A seed planted in my heart at 21 to travel full time has come to pass at 27.  And I’m doing it by being a travel producer and journalist. A career I didn’t even know existed at 21.  

God has solutions we don’t know of yet. He has a way you’re unaware of. He has a plan, and I don’t know what the plan is, but I know it’s GOOD.

As we enter new seasons, the first question people usually ask is,  “so what’s next?”  Honestly, I have no idea what’s next for my travels, but I know that now is not the time to stop believing.

Comment below, with what you’re believing God for in this season. I would love to pray with you.

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